7 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Business Today!

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We hope you are enjoying the current series, Do Business.

If you haven’t seen the TV Broadcast please check it out. In fact, you can find the broadcast schedule for your area right here.

We also have a free sermon for you on How To Start Your Business here.

If you’ve listened to the message mentioned above you may already have some great notes. This article can serve as another helpful resource to help you start your business or start thinking about embracing an entrepreneurial mindset today.

Here are the 7 reasons why you should start your business today:

  1. Flexibility – When you start your business, it gives you flexibility. You can work and develop it at your own pace. This doesn’t mean you should be lax about working. Business owners work harder than you might think. Starting your business will give you more time to help your family, will allow you time to develop yourself and much more.
  1. Financial Freedom – You are not totally free until you are financial free. The story of God setting the Israelites free from Egypt included them being financially sufficient. In Exodus 12, the Egyptians gave the Israelites gold. Building wealth is part of God’s plan for your life and starting your business is one the best ways to do just that.
  1. Become an employer – Most times being an employer is about being your own boss which sounds great. However, when you employ people you are responsible for adding value to their lives, as well, and over time. you are building your nation’s economy. How powerful is that?
  1. Let your business pay your bills – Most business owners can allow their business to take care of them financially. Imagine how much stress you are taking off yourself and your family by letting your business handle your monthly expenses!
  1. Pay yourself what you believe you are worth – Owning your business also allows you to pay yourself. Most employees can’t decide this. A company will pay you what they believe you are due or what the going rate is. This isn’t a terrible thing, but if you want to decide your monthly income and your own value, then start your business today.
  1. Be the last person to get fired! – When you own your business, you are the last to get fired. This is simply because it’s your You are in control of your own career. While you take more of the risk, you get to decide your future, as opposed to someone else.
  1. Your Business works for you while you sleep – At a certain point, business owners can take a break and still earn income. An average employee only gets paid when he or she works. Business owners can hire people to run the business and make it profitable – even if they are not present.

I hope these few reasons will get you are fired up to start your own business!Start with what you have where you are. Do not be discourage by the finances or the risk involved.

Do your research and start small to grow big. We believe you can do it!

This is your year for SUPERNATURAL PROMOTION.

Finally, keep developing yourself, find people to mentor you, be flexible with your plans, network with others who are like-minded, get out of your own way when it’s required and let the Holy Spirit guide you.

If you believe God is leading you to start your very own business, be sure to request your copy of Pastor Sam’s dynamic Do Business sermon series to learn the divine principles you need to start and lead your own business successfully.

Remember, you are destined for greatness.

Sam Adeyemi Ministries