Doing Good.PT3.

Welcome to another week in the month of June! As always we are grateful to our partners and subscribers for support. We appreciate all that you do to support this ministry. As we continue our series for the month, “Doing good” we’d like to go through more scriptures on this theme. Be blessed as you read.  

More on the theme, “Doing Good”, at some point, Jesus’ followers asked if it was lawful to do good on the sabbath. Jesus answered them using practical examples from the scripture. Basically, he explained that doing good was a natural habit of a christian. In other words, if you see a person by the road who needed food and you were holding some in your hand, feeling quite satisfied. Naturally, you would be willing to share your food with that person. Likewise, Jesus felt the need to do the same every where he went during his time on earth. Phillipians 4 says rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice.

We as believers of Christ followers should use that same enthusiasm when it comes to sharing the word of God. At a time like this where resources are limited, it might br tempting to withhold what we have. Personally, I’ve heard quite a bit on the news regarding shortages of food stuff and items during this season. Grocery stores have limited the amount of items you can buy for a particular account. Like we said in the previous email,  the hungry don’t need preaching first, they need food. Let’s continue to show love to our neighbors and everyone we know.

We pray that God will give us the grace to apply His word in all areas of our lives and give us the strength to continue to do good. We also ask for divine inspiration to continue to come up with creative solutions during these times. 

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Have a great month.
Sam Adeyemi Ministries.