Someone once said, “Pray like it all depends on God. Work like it all depends on you.” That’s the mentality we should have when we seek God’s blessings over our lives. Many of us have desires. We want more from our careers, our relationships, and our finances, but in order to receive more, you have to take action.

Still, many of us get stuck in analysis paralysis and procrastination, which stunt our progress. Here are the top 4 reasons why many people fail to take action and gain the blessings that are rightfully theirs.


There is research we mentioned on the broadcast that says people give up on the first time they try something, but truth is, most things work out on the fifth try. Simply put: people give up too easily due to rejection.

For example: someone may say “no” to what you’re trying to sell at the time and you feel rejected and ashamed due to their remarks. But what you must understand is it’s important not to take rejection personally. Why? Because most people are not rejecting you. Instead, they may be rejecting what you’re offering.

Maybe what you are selling at that time is not for them or maybe they can’t afford it. So, that means you should try selling something different, take a different approach to selling what you’re offering or offer what you’re selling to another crowd. Don’t let rejection hold you back from acting courageously.

This brings me to the next point…

Lack of persistence.

I urge you to read Luke 11:5-8. This story is one of persistence. Often, giving up is easier  – that’s why persistence looks like so much work. If we keep trying and keep going we will get what we want. This applies to every area of life. God wants you to develop a habit of persistence. Make it part of you and do something consistently until you see results. Today, go back to that gym regimen, revamp your business plan or rethink your approach to how to fix that broken relationship and stick with it until you see results!


Fear cripples us from doing what we must without even attempting to try it. Don’t let fear paralyse your dreams. Instead, let passion for your dreams drive you. Everyone will experience fear at some point in life but overcoming it will require you to act with courage (which simply means doing things afraid). The moment you start, all your initial fears will disappear. Go for your goals today and act with courage!


One of the most overlooked reasons why we don’t take action is laziness. We try things out then we give up and then it becomes a habit that we can’t get out of. Most people procrastinate and that’s due to laziness or making up excuses for change. You have to break out of laziness and the cure is making a decision to take action daily in order to start achieving God’s plan for your life.

So, which of these areas will you commit to improving so that you can take action and claim the blessings God has for you?

In this month’s sermon series: Taking Action, I teach these principles and more to help you discover how you can take inspired action toward your goals and start creating the life God has intended for you. Order your copy today!

Believe in you,