Experiencing Much Fruit Through God’s Word.

Welcome to the last week in January! How are you doing? We hope you’ve been doing great. As we continue our series for the month, we’d like to focus on a few ways we can experience much fruit this year.  


One way we can do that is to be hopeful for the future.

Hopeful that God has a plan for you and the future. Hope is a beautiful thing that keeps us going, but hope in God is much more important simply because He is God. He is the God who is in charge of your life and mine.

Today, tap into that unfailing hope and trust with faith that His plans concerning you will bear much fruit this year. We are standing and praying with you that you will experience and share your “Much Fruit” testimonies with us soon.


Another way to experience Much Fruit is through meditating on God’s word. Psalms 1:2-3 tells us this. Your focus on God’s word will lead to much fruit yielding consistently. This is simply because you are planted in God’s word through meditation. Meditating on scripture gives us access to unlimited blessings and inspiration. I want to encourage you to tap into God’s word daily and renew your focus and mind. Speak the word and it shall come to pass.


Lastly, always remember to be calm, and to appreciate others as well, as you spread the good news. Service to others is a great way to bear fruit in your life. You have taken focus from yourself and your attention is to help someone else. Serve in your local church, community, those who can’t pay you back. Simply serve and see God move in your life this year.

We hope this series has been a blessing to you. For more, check out the free podcast and support the ministry by getting the full series on our website.

You are blessed.

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