Success Code CD Series


Have you ever tried using the wrong set of keys to unlock a door or entered the wrong PIN at the ATM? I have. It can be frustrating especially when you believe you are right and the machine is wrong :).

Despite your frustration, there is always answer to why you are not granted access. It’s simply because you have the” wrong code “ or “wrong information.”

I share that little story with you because oftentimes we become discouraged or “stuck” in a certain area of our lives. And try as we might, it just seems like every move we make feels like it takes us further away from our goals.  

That door that you’ve been trying to walk through? It may be locked, but it DOES have a key. You just need the right one.

That’s why I’m so excited to share our new sermon series, Success Code, with you.

This series will provide you with the “codes” you need to access the success doors in your life. We’re continuing our  mission to provide you with practical information and principles for the next level with Success Code.

So, I really encourage you to watch the video below to learn more about this amazing series, so you can discover the success code today.

Plus, for a limited time only (until June 30th), you’ll get my latest book Success Is Who You Are with your purchase of the Success Code sermon series. In it, I share all the strategies that have paved the way toward achievement using real life examples of lessons I learned.

Because whether you believe it or not, it IS in the will of God for your to be successful.

We hope you will experience God’s favour and love throughout this year.

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Have a great week!

Sam Adeyemi