Who’s report will you believe?

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Sam Adeyemi - Healing Series Newsletter

We are fearfully and wonderfully made.

There is a well-known saying that “health is wealth” and I am sure you have heard this repeated many times before. God has a plan for everything and He has worked everything out before he even made us. I am so glad that we are not an “afterthought” but a carefully designed masterpiece made by God Almighty.

In our current broadcast, we have been discussing health and we are so grateful for all your kind words, prayer request and testimonies you have been sending to us via emails, phone calls, and the mobile app to reach out to us. We thank you for this!

I would like to touch on something we discussed on the broadcast which was “Programming yourself for healing.” Healing is part of God’s plan for us.

Jesus died so that we can live. Jesus became sick so you can be HEALED! We need to understand that first. It is not God’s plan for you to be sick. He said “ he plans I have for you are of good not evil”- Jer 29:11. We have to hold on to God’s word for us regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves in. Let God’s word be an anchor to your life.

How do we program ourselves to receive healing?

Proverbs 4:23 says, “Keep your heart with all diligence because out of it comes the issues of life.”

I’m sure that you’ve heard the phrase, “you are what you eat” many times before. This not only applies to the things that we put into our physical bodies. It also applies the things we put into our spirits, as well. In order to program ourselves for healing, we must manage and monitor what we see and hear over time.

Everything we see and hear over a period of time will eventually enter our hearts and take control of our lives. These things could produce positive or negative results, depending on what we are focusing our minds on.

Who’s report will you believe?

So right now, what are you allowing to enter your heart and mind? I have heard stories of people who were told they are sick and they refused to accept the doctor’s report and received healing.

Let’s be very clear: your doctor’s report is necessary and you should listen to what your doctor has to say or prescribes for you to do. What your doctor’s report says are facts and facts do change.

But, we encourage you to focus on God’s promises to you and make that your reality today. You can do this by reading it, watching it, listening to it everyday. Even memorization of these promises help a great deal, too. Let God’s promises to you become your reality because Jesus took away your sickness so you can live a full life.

We pray that in this new year, your healing would be complete in Jesus’ name. To continue meditating on God’s word and to get the complete series around healing, request your copy today!  Listen to it over and over again until it becomes part of you.



Enjoy the rest of your week and remain blessed. Remember, you are healed!
Sam Adeyemi