Humility Series – The Key to Humility

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There is a thin line between pride and Humility. This is probably why we sometimes don’t realise we are acting in a” prideful “way. In our May Series we discuss the topic Humility. This series has been a great blessing to many people including us at Sam Adeyemi Ministries. We would like to expand on some practical tips that we believe would help you overcome pride and more.

What is Pride? I believe we all have different definition of Pride because there is a Positive kind of pride and Negative one. I would like us to deal with the negative kind and overcome it.

Pride is simply thinking highly of yourself more than you ought to. This is not self confidence it’s almost obnoxious at times. The opposite of pride is Humility, thinking less of one’s self. Pride has a selfish agenda to it always. It is self focused, it’s all about me and my desires alone. Humility on the other hand has a selfless agenda to it. It is full of confidence and at the same time it doesn’t seek it’s own way. Does this remind you of the Love chapter in 1corithians? I hope it does.

We can attain Humility if we are motivated by love. Love is the key to Humility and the end of pride in our lives. If you are reading this and you have been told you are proud, whether they are right or wrong, simply ask God to help you and the holy spirit to work in your heart for His glory.

We would also recommend listening to the series over and over again until it’s part of your mindset.

Feel free to share your thoughts and your own views. We look forward to hearing from you.

Remain blessed

Have a great week!
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