Day 1: Introduction to Excellence

By February 21, 2019 February 26th, 2019 No Comments

Someone once said “you don’t see excellence with your eyes but with your mind” . This is true!

Sometimes have you ever looked at a product or entered a restaurant or a gathering and you say WOW this is excellent or another level of service or presentation? That is what excellence does.

We all know what excellence looks like or feels like but achieving it can sometimes look way out of reach due to certain circumstances in our lives. Let us spend the next 5 days shattering  these myths. We look forward to hearing your testimonies and comments as you apply this life changing keys to your life.

First Within then Without –

Excellence starts with what is going on inside. The issue is trying to change what is going on inside with something outside. You have to make a choice between what is considered excellent and what is mediocre in your mind first. Start by fighting the “warfare” in your mind that you deserve excellence and make it your lifestyle. This year, start with the little things and big things will work out. Don’t give room to neglect or ignorance but change your perspective by valuing that which is excellent in all that you do.