Irreversibly Blessed

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Recently, we discussed the topic, Living An Irreversibly Blessed Life. We have had an outpouring of testimonies, prayer requests and comments about this series. We would like to share a little bit more and take a look at one of the revelations during this series.

If you haven’t seen the series check out the video here!

The revelation is this: to live a irreversibly blessed life we must know and walk in victory.

This revelation is very simple, however difficult to grasp because it sounds almost too good to be true. To do this, we must know who we are in Christ. We must come to a place of absolute confidence of who we are in Him through faith.

Let us go further. If I asked you what your name is and you say ” David James” or ” Rita Williams,” then if I respond “no, that’s not your name” – You would probably say, “yes, that’s my name.” I think some people will literarily spell out their name along with showing some form of identification just to prove me wrong. The reason David James says “no, that’s my name” is simply because he is sure and there is evidence to prove me wrong.

Living the Irreversibly Blessed Life is just that simple. You have to know or believe that you are the child of God and nothing can change that. It’s in your DNA and is as much of a fact as the name you were given at birth.

The word of God is the evidence you need to prove the enemy wrong always. I would like to encourage you today not to give up or listen to the enemy’s lies about God’s blessings in your life. You are highly blessed and favoured.

He took your sins away, washed you and restored you so you can live a truly victorious life. In addition, He gifted you with righteousness. So next time the enemy comes at you again, tell him, “I am a child of God. He loves me. I stand on his promises for me” and declare it out loud.

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Sam Adeyemi