Leadership, Service & Greatness!

By October 12, 2018 October 16th, 2018 No Comments

Recently, I have been thinking about the service series and trying to get to some truth about the entire series and to summarise it up in this blog. Two things stand out to me and that is Leadership is service and Service requires process.
One of my favorite quotes from this series is this –

Many that aspire to be in positions of leadership underestimate the pressures and temptations that come with such positions . They also underestimate the weakness of human nature to handle those temptations. Satan values power because it gives you leverage to make things happen on a massive scale.Sam Adeyemi

This quote required a few rewinds. Why? This is the one thing we all do when we go after positions of leadership. If you want to be a leader, do not underestimate the pull of pressures and temptations that remove the focus from service. If you focus on service to people you are more likely to make better decisions that benefits your team, family, company, church, government etc. The shepherd’s service to his flock is what makes him a shepherd not the because he carries a stick.

When you serve you will have to grow one way or the other. If we want to lead, we must serve because that is how we grow and add value to people’s lives leading us to greatness.

Process is part of service. If we want to achieve greatness we must serve others. Service isn’t about enslavement or dominating people. Jesus washing the feet of his disciples wasn’t a cool act in those days but he did it anyway. If no one saw him do it, some of us will not think the King of kings could wash feet. I am so glad that Jesus really displayed the essence of leadership for us to follow.

To summarize – service is a process to greatness so enjoy it and see what God will do through you.