Living A Life Filled With Gratitude Can Lead To Victories Daily


We hope this month has been great for you and your loved ones. We know God is moving on your behalf this season for your victory and we love to share in that story with you soon. We would like to also say a BIG thank you for supporting us and your partnership means so much to us. THANK YOU.

This month we have been discussing Gratitude and how living a life filled with gratitude can lead to victories daily. Sometimes life can be challenging and we know sometimes, we feel there isn’t enough good things happening to make us thankful. Just to let you know if you are reading this email, that is something to be grateful for, if you can read, eat, sing, walk, living no matter the circumstances, there is something to be thankful for.

We want you to live your life from a place of rest and gratitude. In the series we said “gratitude is a function of focus” meaning lack of focus on God leads us to ingratitude. Yes, it’s that simple!

Everytime you lose focus from what God is doing in your life, we become ungrateful and filled with despair. David in the scriptures took his eyes off what happened at Ziklag and focused on God and he received instructions for the next level. This season, we pray whatever is causing you to lose focus on God will be removed and you will function from a place of rest, grace and gratitude this year always in Jesus name. We recommend you get a copy of the GRATITUDE SERIES HERE.

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Remain Blessed

Sam Adeyemi Ministries