Positioning For Promotion

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I hope the first month of the New Year has brought many blessing for you and for your loved ones. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for continually supporting and praying for Sam Adeyemi Ministries. Remember, this year our word is UNUSUAL PROMOTION – promotion in everything every area of your life. In the month of January, we focused on maximizing on opportunities in your life. This month, we want to build on that concept and introduce the theme “Positioning for Promotion.”

God wants to see us advance. Whether that is spiritually, monetarily and/or emotionally, He wants us to constantly grow in Him and He wants to promote us to higher places. Why wouldn’t He? We are His children! In this New Year, we at Sam Adeyemi Ministries want to help you be in the right place to receive the promotions that the Lord has for you.

In this month’s broadcast Pastor Sam shares with us ways to position ourselves for those very promotions. One way to do so is to stay close to God. Let him be your guide. Things will shift quickly, and things will be unpredictable during these times and we will need spiritual eyes to see the promotions that God has for us. Satan will try and offer many promotions for cheap and we must be sensitive to the Lord’s spirit to be able to decipher between the two. During a season of promotion there is also a season of opposition, and remaining close to the Lord will give us the clarity to be able to identify the promotions that are placed for you by the Lord.

We have put together resources for you to help you better understand how to position yourself for promotion.

We are offering a series bundle for a love gift of $75 or more. You can purchase it here. This bundle includes:

1. Maximizing Opportunities CD

2. Positioning For Promotion CD

Here at Pastor Sam Ministries we are committed to making sure that you are equipped to advance in your life and in your walk with the Lord.  

Continue to follow us as we share with you on how you can make the most out of your 2015. I pray you all enjoyed your weekend.

God Bless you.
Sam Adeyemi Ministries