DAY 3 The Extra Mile

By February 27, 2019 February 28th, 2019 No Comments

There is a story about a CEO conducting an interview and he would take the interviewees around the company grounds including the parking lot to show them around their successful company. During this interview, he would walk through wraps of papers or snacks on the floor but none of the interviewees noticed it or they just ignored it. One of the interviewees during the chat and walk around, would stop every time to pick up the waste or wraps on the floor whilst they chatted. At the end of the walkaround he said “you have the job” and the candidate said thank you. He asked why did you pick me and the company owner said you care about the little things even though it wasn’t your job to do so.

There is a great lesson in this story which is, going the extra mile shows how much you care.
Excellent people always go the extra mile because they care and value people. They focus on service rather than what they will receive. Fortunately, it works in their favour. Don’t do a terrible job just because you think your salary is too small. Always give your best no matter what.
People can see when you do things out of ‘eye-service’ because of the inconsistency in your attitude towards your tasks. Go the extra mile today and see your life change for the best.