The Inside Photo

Self esteem is the photo of yourself that you hold inside or in your imagination. Another way to say this is, the way you see yourself or what you really believe about who you are is what you self esteem becomes.

Throughout this series I have been thinking about what to cover in the blog section because there is so much to cover when it comes to self esteem. I think instead of mentioning 5 ways to develop or build your self esteem I would like to elaborate on why this series is more important than you might realise.

In our society or world today, the question of identity is under fire! Everyone has an opinion on who you should be and what you should look like, gender, sex and I mean everything today is under fire simply for one reason IDENTITY. In the series, we talked about being careful of who is shaping your self image and how Gen 1:26 is crucial to you understanding this. Check out the podcast here on Building your self esteem now.

Gen 1:26 the first thing God gave us is His “image”. Let us make man in our own image which means like Him. God’s priority to us is about who we are on the inside not what people see on the outside. People can make comments about your stature, gender, age,occupation and so on but what really matters above all, is what you see on the inside. The person you see on the inside will always dictate  what direction your life will take whether for good or worse. You can make that change today by asking God to help see yourself how He sees you. My friend, if you can always see yourself like this, your whole life will change and I mean every area will change.

The whole point of becoming born again is to change us from the inside out and change that inside photo that you look like.

I will highly recommend you get the series or watch it free on-demand and let it play at least over 10times till it sinks into your spirit. You are more, where you are right now and I mean, there’s a lot more to you than people can predict. Jesus asked who do men say I am? Then He said who you think I am? He asked for feedback and everyone just painted Him as a reincarnation of a previous prophet, but Peter said “you are the son of God”. He said: no one could have revealed that to you but the spirit of God Himself. The Holy spirit is how you can really know yourself and discover more about you. Start today by dedicating time to God and see your future revealed. I can’t stress this any further about listening to the podcast, or getting the series online. We pray your self esteem will be rapidly redesigned to how God sees you today in Jesus name.