All this month, we’ve been talking about the importance of taking action in order to live the life God intends for us. But what’s to be gained by making moves?

I’m glad you asked!

I believe that there are 4 things that happen when you decide to take action…


Taking action will bring about results in your life. Your ability to act on what you know will bring you to more of a place of understanding about it than some who hasn’t even tried.


Taking action will provide you with experience most people do not have. This eventually gives you leverage over other people who haven’t attempted. Most people who are willing to try (at the risk of failure) often gain the upper hand in business because they decided to take chance and bet on themselves. Simply put: people who take action always look smarter than those who haven’t.  


Achieving any type of success will require action on your own part. You can pray for days about excelling at a job interview for but you must still attend one in order to get the job! You have to be present and you can only do that by taking action. Fill your forms, do your research, pray and go for it.

Your faith increases and your dreams get bigger!

Greatness begins when you take action toward one thing at a time. There are no shortcuts to big dreams or success but there are milestones you have to accomplish to get there. Your faith will increase exponentially when you act daily. Things will start to work out for you, you’ll start crushing goals and others will look on and ask, “how did you do that?!”

My challenge to you:

This month try something and act on it. Learn from it and do it all over again. Remember that taking action is like standing on a solid rock. Take action and let God move on your behalf today.

I hope you will take action by getting the entire TAKING ACTION series. Listen to it over and over again until it enters your heart. I am looking forward to your testimonies regarding this series, so please share with your friends, colleagues at work, your children and relatives.

Action is better than inaction!

You are blessed,