Write A Love Note To Yourself.

In this series, we are discussing how love is our nature. Your nature can’t be suppressed or hidden because it is who you are at your core. Dogs bark simply because it is in their nature to do so. As believers, one of the beautiful aspects of a relationship with Christ is our transformation by His grace and love.

In 2Cor. 5 Verses 14 to 21, the bible explains that we are new in Christ and that includes our nature. Our old nature wants to hate due to our sinful nature, but in Christ we are filled with love, so we can share that love with us. The same love he showed us whilst we were sinners. So, we want to encourage you to tap into that love today.

If you are not feeling loved, write a note to yourself as Pastor Nike would say, to remind you that you are loved. If you don’t feel loved, it doesn’t mean you are not loved. Love is a Choice! Send yourself some flowers, buy yourself a gift and do something good for you. Share that same love with someone.

Always, Remember the Lord your God loves you unconditionally and wants you to prosper in all that you do. 

We pray you stay in God’s love no matter the season. You are loved dearly.

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You are blessed.

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