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Leading Your Business

Doing Business God's Way.

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    Do Business

    $ 35.00
    • Do Business is a timely 3-part Audio CD series by Sam Adeyemi on how to start, run and lead your business God's way. This series contains practical biblical tips to improve your capacity and lead your business successfully.
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    Humility Series

    $ 25.00
    • This audio CD series Humility  by Sam Adeyemi is a timely series on how and why humility is a great asset to us has believers. This message shows you why doing a Pride Check on a regular basis is...
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    Building A Successful Home

    $ 5.00
    • Nike Adeyemi offers in depth, astute and timely information for both the man and woman, guaranteed to bring joy to every home. Recommended to families,singles,newly weds etc.
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6aug - 7All DayGlobal Leadership Summit - Willow CreekWORLD-CLASS LEADERSHIP EVENT IMPACTING 260,000 PEOPLE IN 875 CITIES AND 120 COUNTRIES.
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