December 4, 2018

Where Did 2018 Go? – Overcome the Blues

Hi friends, We are now in December of 2018 where did time go? I hope you have discovered God’s grace in a new way this year. Our theme for 2018 has been ‘Soaring Higher’ and we have had testimonies and seen lives transformed through our broadcast this year and we too at Sam Adeyemi Ministries…

October 12, 2018

Leadership, Service & Greatness!

Recently, I have been thinking about the service series and trying to get to some truth about the entire series and to summarise it up in this blog. Two things stand out to me and that is Leadership is service and Service requires process. One of my favorite quotes from this series is this –…

July 18, 2018

Grace for Giving

The beautiful exchange.. John 3:16 Giving has been a huge topic in the church and outside the church for a while now. We have been told giving is important to the kingdom of God and you will be blessed. On the other, we have those outside church who say “why do you give so much…

June 15, 2018

Stop Flapping, Start Soaring today – 5 ways to start soaring higher NOW

During the series Soar like the Eagle – We discussed why God wants us to soar and stop flapping  our wings or wasting God’s grace by trying to do everything in our own power. I would like to elaborate on this further in this blog. Many years ago now our church was small and we…

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