January 1, 2020

Rest 2020

Happy New Year dear Partner and friend! This year our theme and word is simply REST! (Heb 3:16- & 4) Yes, REST in God believing only He can make all things work together for your good. This is your year of REST. Rest means to “stop active labour”. You labouring in your power is over.…
December 21, 2019

Soar and Multiply

We want to wish you dear partner a Happy New Year in advance. We are sure we will see you in the new year with new vision and grace. This year has been a great one for us at Sam Adeyemi Ministries. The theme has been Multiply. We have experienced multiplication in our lives with…
September 14, 2019

Love Pursuit

The scripture says Love your neighbour as yourself. This scripture has been quoted in every place I can think of. I mean school, nursery, TV, debates, conferences, political circles, advert campaigns and so on. You kind of forget it's actually a saying by Jesus Christ himself. This quote is just as relevant as it was…
July 30, 2019

MMP 5: 7 Ways to Market and Brand Your Ministry on a Budget

What is branding? What is Marketing? So many people know they need it but how many actually know what it is, why it matters and should they invest in it. As a new ministry or church resources are low, demands are high and you just want people to come through the door. You believed if…
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