Can you imagine true believers in top positions such as the media, tech, politics , agriculture, sports , business etc.?

Can you imagine these places running on God’s principles?

Can you imagine government policies made based on the teachings of Christ? I know it sounds almost unthinkable. Especially when we look around at the world right now… it seems society is ripping apart at the seams.

I have good news for you: this vision is possible!

This is our opportunity to incite change and claim these spaces!

This means we need to expand our influence, we need to be prepared and ready to lead where others have failed, to catch God’s people who may feel like they are falling through the cracks. It’s our calling to extend God’s influence across all sectors around the world.

As believers we have to understand that the church isn’t peripheral to the world, but the other way round.

The church is the main center, where the world should draw its inspiration. It should set the example and expectation on humanity, morality and leadership.

It should be the inspiration for tech, policies, change, businesses, education and so on – placing God in everything we produce. There is not one industry that is intangible to God’s people.

Many of you may be asking how this is possible. Well, there are certain qualities necessary for God’s people to embody in order to take territories.

What qualities would you need? There are really only 2 qualities necessary…

  • A new attitude.

Attitudes are more important than facts. Remember, without faith we cannot please God.

When taking over territories we must remember being mindful of our attitude is important when dealing with the reality of what is going on around us. (Heb 3:16-19).

We deal with many challenges today that sometimes can make us lose hope for the future.

Bad news is pushed on to us, we seek it, and we live it and desensitizes our optimism. This is where our faith is important.

Our attitude has to be positive if we want to take new territories or manage our existing territories.

  • New Skills.

In order to take over or manage territories, we need leadership skill, managerial skills, new ideas, strategic skills to move ahead. (Acts 2:16-17). The Holy Spirit is key in developing new skills, guiding us and and helping us to refine ourselves.

We need the Holy Spirit’s help to develop our skills because with Him all things are possible. One of my favourite scriptures says “you know all things because you have the Holy Spirit” -1 John 2:20. The holy spirit increases our capacity to lead, manage, inspire, to solve problems and much more.

We hope that you would ask the Holy Spirit for help in taking you to the next level of your life this season.

Ask God for wisdom and He will give it to you in abundance.

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Be blessed!