Doing Good Series 2023

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In this enlightening series, Dr. Sam delves into the concept of doing good, drawing inspiration from Acts 10:38 (NLT), which highlights how Jesus, anointed by God, went about doing good and healing the oppressed. However, an intriguing debate arises among Christians and religious scholars about the role of the church in giving material support versus preaching the good news.

A Shift in Perspective:

Contrary to the notion that the church’s primary duty is solely to preach, historical and biblical references challenge this perspective. Dr. Sam points out that even during Christ’s crusades, provision of food was not neglected. This challenges the belief that the church’s responsibility is exclusively spiritual.

Early Church Practices:

Examining the practices of the early church, particularly in John 13:27-29 and Galatians 2:9-10, Dr. Sam underscores the importance the apostles placed on caring for the poor. The leaders of the early church recognized the gift of giving, emphasizing the need to continue helping the poor.

Church as a Beacon of Generosity:

Dr. Sam argues that it is the responsibility of the church to provide for the poor, challenging the notion that greed-driven leaders should be the focus. Drawing a sharp contrast, he highlights the apostles’ commitment to selflessly caring for the less fortunate.

Government of Heaven’s Promises:

A compelling shift in perspective emerges, viewing the church as part of God’s government. The promise is that basic needs will be met, mirroring the government of heaven where hunger has no place. Matthew 6:31-33 reinforces the idea of seeking God’s kingdom above all else for the assurance of provision.

Acts 4:32-34: A Model for Giving:

Acts 4:32-34 serves as a powerful model for the believers, showing unity in heart and mind. The early church’s practice of sharing everything they had ensured that there were no needy individuals among them. Dr. Sam extends a challenge to his audience, urging them to actively participate in the act of giving.


Dr. Sam’s series calls for a reevaluation of the church’s role, emphasizing the importance of both spiritual and material support. As believers, the challenge is to be active participants in the act of giving, embodying the principles of generosity and care for those in need. In embracing this call to do good, the church becomes a beacon of compassion and a living testament to the teachings of Jesus.

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