Fulfilling Your Ministry

Welcome to March 2020!

We are three months into the new year. We hope 2020 has been exciting and filled with testimonies for you as it has been for us. 

We appreciate your support and your words of encouragement that you send to us online and emails. To all our partners, we believe God will move on your behalf this new month for His glory. THANK YOU!

This month we would like to encourage you with one simple statement  which is “you are not an accident”. Life can be very challenging and finding solutions to our circumstance sometimes can make us feel we have no purpose. Nothing at all. However, we have to understand that this is not true no matter the evidence life shows you. The truth is you are DESIGNED FOR PURPOSE. You are uniquely created to impact this world in your own way.

My friend, you have VALUE! You are  less but more in God’s eyes. The idea that God made you by accident or your parents made a mistake did not catch God by surprise. God has a plan for you. He is the master planner with a million contingency backup for the backup plan.

Did you know that the odds of you being born is 1:400,000,000,000 according to scientists. Please think about it. You are special and unique. You have value and a Purpose.

Listen to the first part of Fulfilling Your Ministry Series here and discover more! This teaching sets the foundation for finding your purpose and fulfilling it God’s way.

We pray that this new month you will find your purpose in God without limitations. Do share this with other people and help them discover their purpose today. 

Have a great month.
Sam Adeyemi Ministries.