Stop Flapping, Start Soaring today – 5 ways to start soaring higher NOW

During the series Soar like the Eagle – We discussed why God wants us to soar and stop flapping  our wings or wasting God’s grace by trying to do everything in our own power. I would like to elaborate on this further in this blog.

Many years ago now our church was small and we had no growth which led to frustration with the vision God had given us for our church. I realised looking back to that time, I was “flapping” instead of soaring and applying the principles that God had provided for us in the word. Let me list a few things that helped us and still works till today

  1. Get with God  – Prayer and time with God can save you from wasting time. My wife and I took time out to pray, fast , studying the word and really seek God’s point of view on where we were and where we needed to go. Seek God’s perspective and you will be on your way to victory. Those that wait, will renew their strength like the eagle.
  2. Vision – Your imagination is where the Holy spirit wants to make changes in your life. This is one place you can control. You might have five members in your church but in your imagination you can have 50,000 or your business might be small today but your imagination can bigger. That is the power of your imagination and vision. Today I implore you to ask God to take over your imagination and birth new dreams in your life now.
  3. Stop comparing – It is quite difficult not to compare thanks to social media and everything that we are bombarded with daily. Comparing yourself with others will only lead to frustration or arrogance eventually an unhealthy sense of self. Self content and complimenting other people can really help you grow and soar. Take time to be thankful for whatever level you are in. Don’t waste your time looking at others but focus on your own growth and development. This is also flapping! Stop it. The eagle tends to soar alone. Stop waiting for approval from people but look to God’s approval
  4. Stop Flapping and Soar – Stop relying on your strength and apply the principles in God’s word like the eagle. Be strategic in your approach .In this series, we discuss this in detail please get the audio series download and  discover more.
  5. Understand your challenges aren’t permanent – We grow through challenges because the build character and make us leaders. The eagle gets excited when it senses storms are coming and it uses it to its advantage. Make lemonades out of lemons. Like we always say complaining isn’t a strategy but taking action with courage will only make you better.

There is so much in the series we can learn and apply. I hope you will get this series and listen continuously and help others. You can also watch the full series now on-demand or listen to the podcast here.

Start soaring today and stop flapping