What’s So Important About Principled Centred Leadership?

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Hi friends,

Hope you are doing well and are looking forward to the rest of the year.

This month, we have been discussing “THE EXEMPLARY LEADER” because we are very passionate about leadership and successful living at Sam Adeyemi Ministries.

We all know everything “rises and falls on leadership.”

I have often asked why a coach is fired instead of the players, even though the coach has never played a single match. The answer is simple: the coach is the leader of the team. It’s his strategy that either leads the team to a win or a loss during a game.

Leadership operates the same way, in every area of life. It’s very key to the success of your family, business, church, country and more.

It’s why we would like to focus on a very important aspect of leadership which is principle. Principles can also be described as laws or values. They are unchangeable and are always constant.

For example, the law of gravity is constant everywhere you go. If you jump from a skyscraper anywhere in the world, gravity is going to see to it that you fall down. Principles are just the same. No matter where you are in life, you can apply them to your advantage.

Here are some reasons why Principled Centred Leadership is key to success:

Principles make life predictable and makes success possible. You will have insight into things you do before you take action. You are more pro-active!

Principles provide you with creative power. You will understand how to channel your energy purposefully – the right way.

Principles provide a leader with leverage. You can achieve more with minimal effort.

Principles bring providential help that results in miracles when we obey them.

Principles allow you to hold yourself and others accountable and make your efforts proactive instead of reactive.

Principles are adaptable. They can apply to different areas of life.

As you can see, there are loads of benefits to applying principles to your world.

We would like you to share with us how you are using principles in your life. Tell us: how have your principles have benefited you?

You can share this with us on our social media platforms (Twitter and Facebook) or on this blog.

We hope you have a great week and pray that you will be an Exemplary Leader in your world for Christ. Amen!

Also, do check out the book LEAD by Sam Adeyemi for more in-depth resources in addition to the insights provided on this blog. We highly recommend it.

Have a lovely day!