2016 is almost over! Can you believe it?!

First, we are would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for your support, kind words , partnership, prayers, testimonies and love. You make a daily impact on thousands of lives because of your faithfulness. Thank you!

This month we are discussing a very exciting topic “ Extraordinary Sex”. The series is all about God’s teaching and wisdom for having greater intimacy and love within our marriages.

Sex is an integral part of life for reproduction, intimacy and pleasure within marriage. One thing we must understand as believers is sex is God’s design for us. Sex isn’t bad or dirty or worldly. We must learn and understand sex if we want to experience intimacy with our spouse on a deeper level.

In this month’s podcast, Pastor Sam shares practical wisdom on sex and managing your sex drive. Make sure to check out the podcast here.

You can also visit our youtube channel for more on this series here.

We hope you have a great month! We will have more news to share with you soon!

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You are blessed.

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