God Moves When You Move

Some of the most frequent questions I get from people are: How do I begin, what do I do, and where do I get the money to start when I know God has laid
something great on my heart?

These questions are valid and important, however what’s more important is for us to think about how we can create or carry out a plan to do what God has
inspired us to do.


Because action always beats inaction.

You can consume countless books, sermon series, blogs, tutorial videos, and
memes and attend numerous conferences, seminars, and anything else that
provides information, but if you don’t implement these things you learn, you’ll
never make progress.

In this month’s series we are discussing Taking Action. This is a simple and
powerful message we have to grasp as believers. If you do not act on what
God says, you will not see results.

I’ll even dare to say that if you do not even try to act on it, you will never know
what God really wants for you. Jesus said: “Therefore everyone who hears
these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who
built his house on the rock.” (Matt7:24).

This scripture provides you with everything you need to know to get started.
You might be asking, how?

You can start living out the vision God has for you by taking 3 simple, steps…

First, you must hear. Then, you have to practice. Finally, you’re ready to build.


Most of us do a pretty good job of this because it’s the easiest part. We get fired
up from a sermon or a book and we’re just like sponges: ready to understand
and absorb what we’ve just heard.

But for those of us who have a harder time with this part, it’s important to realize
that we should be taking time to be still and truly listen to God’s still, small voice
to receive the guidance we truly need.

Because quite honestly, everything you hear isn’t God’s voice. So, be sure
to take time to discern between what you need to listen to and what you
need to ignore.


After you’ve heard God’s voice and His instructions to you loud and clear, now
it’s time to put what you’ve learned to work.

Taking action is not a one-time approach that will fix everything. Instead, it’s a
long-lasting approach. The scripture above says ‘…if you practise…’ meaning
you have to keep doing it over and over again.

Your decision to take action today will elevate you above other people in your
field. All you have to do is keep trying and learning from your actions until you
see results.

Truth is, some of us are not where we want to be in life because we’ve
given up too quickly. We have to be willing to stick to something long enough to yield results and take solace in the fact that we can rest on God’s word.


As you start to practice and learn, you’ll start to build. This is the part where you
start to see the manifestation of the vision God has given you.

The scripture above says… ‘like a house built on a rock…,’ meaning with
practice, you will be strong, confident, and full of faith. And no matter what
happens, you will not waiver on the path toward long-lasting success.

The reason we often do not see results in our lives is usually because of lack of
action on the information (revelation) we receive from God’s word.

Simple action will provide results (whether they are positive or negative) and you
have to be willing to try something – even if that particular action doesn’t
immediately propel you toward your ultimate vision.

The goal here is progress; not perfection. As you start taking steps, you’ll
learn along the way and what you learn will help you make informed decisions
on what to do next.

If you want to learn more about these 3 steps, order this month’s dynamic sermon
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My Challenge To You…

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said: “Faith is taking the first step even when you
don’t see the whole staircase.”

I want you to know that God will move on your behalf this season and you
will experience changes in your life like never before. But you must have
enough faith to take ACTION.

So I challenge you to do something today that you have been putting off…

Make that phone call.

Implement what you’ve learned in that conference or seminar

Start that business

Take that course.

Go back to school.

JUST DO IT! Start taking action today and remember: when you move God

God is on your side, my friend!