7 practical ways to Multiply 2019

Start with what you have.

Nothing starts big or huge but they all start small. If you want an apple tree, you start with an apple seed. If you want to start a business, start with what you have.


Your potential for greatness starts with the little you have. If you want 2019 to be yours, work on multiplying that which you already have. Faithfulness is key! Focus on what you have and start with what you have.  


Action v inaction

Taking action in 2019 will separate dreamers from achievers. If you want to succeed please take action this year. Don’t spend your time over planning or analyzing your takeoff. Like the Nike advert “Just Do It”. Napoleon Hill said, “don’t wait, the time will never be right”.


Please take action and don’t let fear paralyze your dreams. Take off today.


Build relationships or Island


Let us make man…. This statement in Genesis tells us a lot about God and his approach to building relationships.  He didn’t say let me make but let us. He was talking to his team about creating human beings. If God can collaborate so can we.


Networking and collaborating in 2019 will help you take your potential to another level. If you struggle to build relationships with people check your motives and your attitude.


Businesses are built on relationships, so nurture your relationship and network. Remember your network is equal to your net worth. Build your relationships. Don’t be an island this year.


Faithful or Slothful?  


We don’t get what we want but we get what we deserve. Do you deserve more in 2019? Do you deserve that promotion?  Faithfulness is the key to your promotion or increase this year.


Resources tend to elude people who are wasteful or careless with them, but resources will always flow to those who manage them properly.

Monitor and manage what you have and watch it grow this year.


Commit yourself to self-development


Your commitment to self-improvement in 2019 will determine how far you will go. We all have room for improvement and self-development is key as you step into your season of multiplication.


The world will not ask you to develop yourself or challenge yourself. In fact, we are encouraged to watch more Netflix, binge TV, watch irrelevant news or get involved in discussions that are futile. We are not saying don’t relax, however, if you put that same time to develop yourself you will see increase over time with no regrets. Give time to self-development and see God work on your behalf this year.


First things first.

The pathway to multiplication is dedication to God. Putting God first puts everything else in our lives in order. Prioritize and put your world in order by placing God first.


Seek the kingdom first and everything will be added on to you. This scripture is about placing value on the things that matter first and your relationship with God takes that spot. 2019 will be filled with surprises when we focus on God and everything else will align with his work in our lives.


The three C’s for 2019


Consistency breeds competence and competence breeds confidence.

If you want to build your self-confidence this year start with consistency.


Focus on doing one thing properly repeatedly until you perfect it. This is how competence is built and leads to self-confidence. Do not expect miracles when you haven’t put in the time and effort. Miracles do happen and yes they will continue to happen. Put in the work this year and see results.  


Build that habit of consistency and watch your confidence grow. If you lack self-confidence please watch what you might be neglecting.


Start today.